Digital Marketing for Female Entrepreneurs

Start from Beginning

Go from zero to hero and become a Pro. Learn to grow your businesses fast even without no prior  digital marketing knowledg

project based Learning

Practice with business case studies that help you quickly understand and apply the knowledge gained solving your business problems


Get mentored by proven digital marketers who help you quickly navigate the terrains and guide you through any early stage issues

High Demand Skills

Digital Marketing is a high demand skill set globally that you can use to grow your business or become a consultant

Work Process

Our Process

Are you a female Entrepreneur or Business Owner


Female Business Owners


Corhort One Begins Jan 2021


4 Weeks

Learn from the best

From Beginner to pro

Even with little or zero experience at all, become a certified professional marketer in few weeks

Flexible Classes

Get a custom learning plan tailored to fit your busy life. Learn at your own pace and reach your personal goals on the schedule that works best for you.

Expert Led

Our knowledgeable mentors guide your learning and are focused on answering your questions, motivating you and keeping you on track.

Real Business Cases

With real world projects and immersive content built in partnership with top tier companies, you’ll master the tech skills companies want.


You will apply the skills learnt to your own business with support from us for a period of 3 months. This will help build your confidence


the Technical Digital Marketing

Learn the technical side of Digital Marketing. Master the top tools and technologies of the trade that will help you get hired or grow your business fast


The Analytical Digital Marketing

Without mastering analytics, you can never be a successful marketer. Learn to track, analyze, measure and make decisions on what is working or not. Don’t waste advertising budget without knowing how to understand what brings results and why 


The Profitable Digital Marketing

Agencies and big businesses require marketers who can run profitable campaigns with millions in advertising budget. Learn how to develop marketing proposals, perform profitability, scenario sensitivity analysis in spreadsheets and apply the same in your business

Master Classes

take short Courses

Facebook marketing For Business

Virtual Class

One of the most cost-effective marketing platforms is Facebook Marketing. But some people just do it so wrong that they end up getting frustrated about it, wasting thousands in advertising revenue without results. Learn the advanced tactics and strategy of intelligent Facebook marketer show have proven results to lead the way

Paid Search Marketing

Virtual Class

Any time someone needs a service or needs to find any information, you already know where they go first. Yes Google, the biggest search engine in the world. Google Paid Search Ads are one of the most effective ads in the world. Show up your business when some searches for something relating to what you do online. In this course, you will let how to create, setup and run high converting Google search ads for your business

Google Display Ads Mastery

Virtual Class

Google Display Ads is when done right is a powerful marketing platform that works just like Facebook Ads but with some differences. This course teaches you all to set up Google Displays ads, the basic and advanced tactics/strategies to run ads that convert, how to optimize campaigns and get results

Copywriting Master Class

Virtual Class

Copywriting is as old as advertising it self. How to write your marketing content can determine a lot. Learn how to write copies that sell and make customers bring out their wallet to buy your products or services. Learn clear cut, scientifically proven techniques that work

Content Strategy Master Class

Virtual Class

Without content their is no marketing. Content is everything. But content creation is hard! What if you could learn how to easily come up with creative contents for your brand without stress. In this course you work with content marketers who show you the little known secrets on hw it is done

Search Engine Optimization

Virtual Class

Search Engine Optimizations (SEO) is one of the the toughest but most rewarding marketing techniques. This course will teach you how to rank your business websites online to get found organically ( means without paying) in Google Search, the differences between offpage and on page SEO techniques  and how to steal competitors rank

Conversion Rate Optimization

Virtual Class

Learn how to create fast, effective and awesome landing pages that convert and help your business grow. Understand what a landing page is , how to generate leads with one and all the important elements of an effective landing page

Web Design for Business Owners

Full time

Learn how to design a website for your business yourself. Would you rather pay thousands of naira  for a web designer ( the averagely standard ones charge N100,000 -N250,000) or learn how to create a professional business website yourself. By the end of this course you will design a full fledged ecommerce website to sell your own products without any previous technical knowledge. No Coding/Programming involved

Google Analytics

Full time

Google Analytics helps you measure what is happening on your business website, understand what makes customers buy or leave the website without buying. With advanced application of Google Analytics, you can measure and understand the real time behavior of your customers and use that in refining your marketing for better conversion. This course teaches you all you need to know about Google Analytics included advanced tactics only used by the top digital marketers

Conversion Tracking Mastery

Full time

A successful marketer is one who knows how to collect data, analyze it, understand what is working and why it is. Unfortunately many internet marketers just push our ads blindly hoping it works, in case it does, they dont even know why it did or how to scale or replicate what is working. Conversion Tracking teaches you how to set up Google Tag Manager, Analytics, Event Tracking on your Websites/Landing Page, how to know hwich ads are performing the best and why

Graphic Design
for Social media

Full time

Learn how to create awesome graphics for your social media marketing  and branding using simple tools like Canva, Powerpoint and others like photoshop. Learn how to choose colors, fonts and create graphics that sell your brand the right way

Instagram Marketing Fundamentals

Full time

Instagram is very hot marketing platform out there. Learn how to position you brand for premium clients on Instagram. How to grow followership and run Instagram Ads that convert

Ads Creation

Full time

In this class, you’d learn how to quickly create Banner Ads, Video Ads, HTML Ads using tools like Google Web Designer, Canva, Photoshop, Powerpoint and other ad creation tools. You will also learn Ad intelligence, how to spy on competitors ads and steal ideas from big businesses who spend millions of dollars in  marketing budget.

Top Digital Marketing Tools Mastery

Full time

This course exposes to the top digital marketing tools. As companies continue to spend billions of dollars in advertising budget, there continues to be thousands of digital marketing tools available in the industry. But this course exposes you to top free, paid and most important tools being used secretly by the top marketers in the world

Grow your Business with Advanced Marketing Skills

Gain real-world experience running live campaigns as you learn from top experts in the field. Grow your business faster than before or become a top consultant for businesses and agencies


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