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The Complete Guide to Kick-starting a Digital Marketing Career in Nigeria

The Complete Guide to Kick-starting a Digital Marketing Career in Nigeria Facebook Twitter Linkedin Marketing generally refers to the art of selling or promoting a product or service. Apart from the product or service itself, the ability to implement successful marketing campaigns is perhaps the most important determinant of whether a business will be successful or not. In fact: You may have the  best product or service but a competitor with less superior products can make more sales than you if their marketing  strategy is stronger or superior. In the past, marketing was basically traditional but with the invention of the internet, social media and other  digital channels,  they became a great way to quickly let anyone anywhere in the world know about your product and buy from you. This simply means you do not need to travel to London to erect a billboard before someone over there can know about your newly launched Ibadan business. A simple WhatsApp status or a Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter campaign can market your product across borders. Compared to the traditional marketing channels which have many entry barriers, every single business -big or small, can use digital marketing to grow their business easily. Instead

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6 Life Changing Reasons to learn Web Development

In this post we will be explaining to you the benefits of considering a career in web development. There are several reasons  why you should  learn web development and how it  can positively influence your career no matter what industry you are but we have cut it down into concise points that relate best to the average Nigerian youth. (1)  Jobs Just like many technology related jobs, there are enough job openings for web developers. The demand for developers is pretty high but only few people are available to fill these positions. It is estimated that by 2020, there will be approximately 1.4 million computing jobs available in 2020, with only 400,000 qualified developers to fill them. Whether for now or for the future, you won’t on the list of those running around finding jobs.  Regardless of whether you are a doctor, a lawyer or an engineer, there is probably no employer that will read about your ability to code that won’t consider you above your peers. Coding is a high demand skill set that every employer wants to see on your resume as technology is a critical part of every industry right now.  (2)  Fat Salaries Jobs are good

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Hackakid by HUB67

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_empty_space][norebro_text]“The Hackakids” is our STEM education programme designed to empower kids to become tomorrow’s creators, designers, programmers and software developers. Exposing kids to simple stem ideas at an early age provides a solid foundation for future learning. There is no doubt that the future of the world is digital therefore regardless of the career path that your child eventually chooses to follow, a deep foundation in integral thinking and problem-solving skills that learning how to code provides is highly important for success and competitive edge Who is this for? Hackakid is designed for children between 7- 17 years old. Our lessons run on both weekends and weekdays depending on the chosen programme. The lessons are project based allowing students have hands-on experience in building software. Through interactive and exciting projects, the HackaKids programme helps your children bring their imagination to life while they gain a deep understanding of how technology works. Children will also learn how to work in teams as they collaborate with others to develop real life projects at the end of their classes. They learn the basics of creating using computers through drag-and-drop Why should my children learn coding? In a world where more and more companies

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